Friday, August 08, 2008

2 Jews, 3 Opinions

SFAJL president Heidi Estrin hosts The Book of Life podcast, a monthly audio program about Jewish books, music, film and web. This podcast is supported in part by AJL, and is offered as a free resource to all members. You are invited add the podcast to your own library's web page as a service to your patrons, either by linking to the URL or by adding a flash player that will allow users to listen to the show while remaining on your own site (click here for instructions).

The August 2008 episode has just been posted. The title is "2 Jews, 3 Opinions." In this episode, smart, articulate women Kathy Bloomfield (a Jew by choice) and Laurel Snyder (a product and practitioner of interfaith marriage) explore Jewish identity and how it affects our reading and our writing.

Click the PLAY button to listen to the podcast now:

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