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Meeting Minutes: March 14, 2002

Minutes of March 14, 2002 meeting, B'nai Torah Congregation, Boca Raton

Present: Sharon Argov, Robin Coller, Heidi Estrin, Etta Gold, Anita Greene, Michael Greene, Phyllis Gutman, Andrea Kalish, Sue Kirshner, Arthur Quinn, Rabbi Tobias Rothenberg, Barbara Samuels, Schlmoit Schwarzer, Edith Sherman, Miriam Shulman, Walter Spielman, Lee Wixman, Shirley Wolfe

President Heidi Estrin opened the meeting at 1:05pm. Heidi thanked Sue Kirshner for hosting the meeting at her library. Heidi gave some information about the passing of member Ruth Abelow on March 7 from cancer. Heidi will publish some biographical information about Ruth in the chapter newsletter. Etta Gold mentioned that Ruth was a charter member of our AJL chapter.

Heidi introduced the speaker, Michael Greene, author of the recently published book and CD set Tzedekah and the Precious Pushke.

Mr. Greene talked about his start in writing children's songs about 13 years ago. He also wrote two other children's books, Gee I Wish I Had a Bedroom That was All My Own and The Green Pea. His latest book is accompanied by a CD with songs and stories and has been acquired by many libraries across the country. Heidi asked how an amateur might publish. Mr. Greene said he would first prove that a book has a market before actually publishing the book. Usually 5,000 copies sold is sufficiently convincing for a publisher to make the investment. Publicity can be through conventions, book fairs, fund raising events, etc. Mr. Greene also demonstrated how printing in color is done. At the end of his presentation, he distributed order forms for members that might like to acquire this title.

Heidi announced that subsidies for attending convention were available from national AJL, but the request forms must be postmarked March 15. Heidi also said that the chapter may be able to assist attendees and encouraged attendance for the good experience that the convention offers. Etta also encouraged attendance to take advantage of meeting members from different cities and learning from various sessions. Heidi announced that our chapter has an ad in the convention program book and passed around a sample. We decided that we will buy another ad in memory of Ruth Abelow.

Heidi moved on to the "Swap 'n Share" session to discuss member contributions to newsletters published by their institutions and schools. Heidi brought samples of her articles and also brought articles from Sandy Gottesman. Etta brought an issue of The Commentator printed monthly by Temple Beth Am to which she contributes regularly. Other members shared their contributions to newsletters printed by their institutions. The next Swap 'n Share topic will be to share how librarians can promote the importance of the library to those in authority of their respective institutions.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30pm.

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