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Meeting Minutes: March 15, 2005

Minutes of March 15, 2005 meeting, Temple Anshei Shalom, Delray Beach.

Present: Sandy Birch, Robin Coller, Barbara Cooper, Paula Dropkin, Heidi Estrin, Etta Gold, Phyllis Gutmann, Sue Kirshner, Diane Malakoff, Charles Meyers, Arthur Quinn, Annette Rindner, Arlene Robert, Ann Rosenberg, Rabbi Tobias Rothenberg, Millicent Salant, Pete Savarese, Miriam Shulman, Walter Spielman, Lee Wixman, Lauren Wohl

Heidi Estrin called the meeting to order at 12:35pm. She thanked Walter Spielman for hosting the meeting. She also asked the temple association's president, Bernie Saklad to speak to the group.

Heidi encouraged chapter members to attend the AJL convention in Oakland, June 19-22. Room rates are $129 per night, which is reasonable if shared. The registration fee is $385 and includes kosher meals. Lee Wixman provided a list of airlines offering discounts on airfare.

Heidi spoke about the Children's Literature Comprehensive Database, a subscription based product. AJL is contributing book reviews to this database, and AJL libraries that meet certain criteria may have free access to the database. In order to find out if your library qualifies, send your name, the name of your library and institution, and the amount of your budget to Barbara Sutton at

Heidi introduced the first speaker, Dr. Charlotte Schwab, author of Sex, Lies and Rabbis. Dr. Schwab has been a guest on radio and television shows about sexual abuse perpetrated by rabbis and other clergy. She pointed out that the more this issue is discussed openly, the more can be done to prevent it.

After a short break, Heidi introduced the second speaker, Peter Savarese of Brodart. Mr. Savarese spoke about book ordering services offered by Brodart. He also shared a discount code with the members, SRO7, which yields a 15% discount on furnishings and supplies through the end of 2005.

Heidi then asked members to share any news of their own.

  • Dade County Book Fair is March 16. Admission is $5.00.
  • Temple Beth Am in Miami is having two book talks April 1.
  • FAU in Boca Raton currently has a photo exhibit on Cuban Jews in South Florida.
  • Broward County Library has a free children's literature conference April 15.
  • Sandy Gottesman Breder announced that five authors of manuscripts who won the Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award in the past are now being published.
  • Heidi suggested that members think of ideas to promote their libraries and increase usage, and be ready to discuss them at the next meeting. Those that cannot attend should e-mail suggestions to Heidi at

    The meeting adjourned at 2:30pm.

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