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Meeting Minutes: September 19, 2006

Minutes of September 19, 2006 meeting, David Posnack Hebrew Day School (Lower School) Library, Plantation
Minutes recorded by Judith Jagoda

Present: Randy Beckwith, Sandy Birch, Kathleen Clotfelter, Paula Dropkin, Lorelei Ennis, Heidi Estrin, Etta Gold, Phyllis Gutmann, Joanne Jaffe, Judith Jagoda, Anita Kinzbrunner, Sue Kirschner, Julie Levisman, Charles Meyers, Harriet Perer, Ava Phillips, Annette Rindner, Rabbi Tobias Rothenberg, Barbara Samuels, Sara Schandelson, Ivan Schulman, Edith Sherman, Zelda Skoman, Walter Spielman, Arlene Stein, Linda Stewart, Goldie Witrock, Lee Wixman

The meeting was hosted by Harriet Perer and her staff in the library of the David Posnack Lower School in Plantation. They provided a beautiful facility and served a lovely luncheon.

Heidi Estrin introduced the organization and spoke about the goals and benefits especially for those are new to the group. She reminded everyone to send in their renewal membership checks of $15.00. This renews your chapter membership - if you wish to join national AJL there is a separate membership fee (see for information).

Heidi and Etta Gold gave passionate recounts of their experiences at the convention that took place last June. They imparted a great deal of excitement and urged everyone who is able, to attend the next one. Using the school's Promethean Board, Heidi was able to display the AJL online convention blog for all to see (

Etta shared copies of many handouts from the convention. One of the exhibits that Etta brought was a magazine for Jewish girls, founded and produced by a 12-year-old girl who now at the ripe old age of 15 was a guest speaker at the convention. The magazine called "YALDAH" can be order by subscription at Heidi told about books that were winners of the Sydney Taylor Book Award. These are must haves for any library.

During this presentation, we [those of us not computer literate], were introduced to computer language, vis-a-vis BLOG = Web Log or online journal, and WIKI, a website that allows users to add or edit content collectively. One of the best WIKI's is a wiki for Librarians in Jewish High Schools. This site has information about books and research appropriate for the High School student. See

Another interesting idea came up about an easy library fundraiser. "ONE BOOK, ONE CONGREGATION" The way it works is that the group has several books on its list. The committee picks a book that everyone participating will read and then discuss at a time set aside for the event. The books retail for $20.00, but the group only pays $11.95 there-by making $8.00 per book for their library. The books must be pre-paid and not returns allowed. This program is run through Nextbook; see for info on how to use the program.

Etta spoke passionately about the visit she and Heidi made to the National Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, MA. Not only is the place doing great and interesting work, but visiting it was a very moving experience. She also mentioned a local collection: the Judiac Studies Department at FAU in Boca has the capacity to digitalize music and the National Yiddish Book Center sends their music to FAU to be digitized. Etta urged everyone to visit both facilities.

Heidi booktalked some of the best new Jewish children's books, some of which may be possible winners of this year's Sydney Taylor Book Awards. "Viva la Paris" "Celebrate Chanukah" "Incantation" are among a few. A booklist will be provided to all SFAJL members.

Our guest speaker was Arlene Stein, an author and SFAJL member. Arlene lives locally in Tamarac and to date has written three autobiographical books about her life. Arlene is an accomplished pianist as well as an author. Arlene studied Piano at the Eastman School of Music and in her latest book "My Eye of the Apple" tells about the first taste of anti-Semitism she faced at the school. She was there in the 1950's when there was a Jewish Quota. You can meet Arlene on Thursday, October 5th, between the hours of 5-8pm at Reading Etc. at Health Communications at 3201 S.W. 15th Street (East of Powerline Road) Deerfield Beach. (954) 360-0909 ext 470 .

The meeting adjourned at 2:15 pm and an opportunity was offered to take "freebie" books back to our libraries, from extra books brought by Heidi Estrin and Sue Kirschner. A very pleasant afternoon was had by all.

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