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Meeting Minutes: November 17, 2008

Minutes of the November 17, 2008 SFAJL meeting at Hagen Ranch Road Branch of the Palm Beach County Library.

Present: Sandy Birch, Sandy Gottesman Breger, Rita Cimbal, Len Edelman, Heidi Estrin, Dr. Jerry Glantz, Bea Gold, Etta Gold, Tsipi Keller, Selma Levy, Diane Malakoff, Jeff Marks, Wendy Peppercorn, Annette Rindner, Arlene Ritholtz, Rabbi Tobias Rothenberg, Yettie Ruskin, Walter Spielman, Ruth Weiner, Martyn Winston, Lee Wixman, Shirley Wolfe, Meyer and Helen Zaremba

I) Heidi called the meeting to order at 12:35pm, and thanked Adam Davis, Jeffrey Marks, and Karen Spano for hosting us.

II) Heidi distributed information regarding some new AJL resources, i.e. a list of books relevant to Israel’s 60th birthday and the web site of the new AJL podcast. Additionally, she reported on her attendance at the School Library Journal Leadership Summit, where she collected some information to pass along to AJL colleagues:
  • School Libraries Work, a study on the positive impact libraries make on their schools
  • The Playaway, a new format of audiobook akin to an iPod
  • Vicki Cobb's new science experiment book and her interactive video component ("We Dare You")
Walter passed around a DVD and purchase information of a new documentary called “Swimming in Auschwitz” (www.swimminginauschwitz.com), and Etta offered free copies of her temple’s founding rabbi emeritus Rabbi Baumgard’s memoir Finding My Way to God.

III) Heidi asked again for volunteers to guest edit our newsletter “Headlines & Footnotes.” Yettie Ruskin spoke about how much she enjoyed writing about her synagogue in the latest issue of the newsletter. Furthermore, she suggested that it’s a good way to raise your profile within your own institution. However, no volunteers spoke up.

IV) Three speakers addressed our gathering today:

a) The first speaker was an unexpected guest who spoke about the ambitious manuscript that he hoped to publish and donate to university libraries everywhere. Meyer Zaremba and his wife Helen had researched and compiled a collection of 120 Yiddish songs translated into English. Their passion for Yiddish and delight in the music was infectious and entertaining.

b) Next we heard from Dr. Jerry Glantz who has recently published a biography of his father, renowned cantor Leib Glantz. The talent and influence of Cantor Glantz was impressive and the tributes to his inspirational voice are awesome – even praise from Albert Einstein! This volume comes complete with 2 cds of Cantor Glantz’s singing, from which Dr. Glantz played several excerpts. The book is titled The Man Who Spoke to God, published by The Tel Aviv Institute for Jewish Liturgical Music, 2008 and is available online at www.TheManWhoSpokeTo God.com.

c) Our final speaker/author was Tsipi Keller who has recently published a collection of Israeli poetry translated into English titled “Poets on the Edge,” by SUNY Press, 2008, also available online at www.sunypress.edu or orderbook@cupserv.org. Tsipi, a writer of fiction herself, has published translations in the past, but this book was an ongoing project of hers for many years. In many instances, she was able to work closely with the poets whose poems she interpreted. Twenty-seven contemporary Hebrew poets are represented in this brilliant anthology.

IV) During ‘Good and Welfare,’ we learned that Sue Kirshner, librarian an B'nai Torah, has recently undergone hip surgery and that she recently lost a grandson. Heidi raffled off 2 copies of The Hanukkah Mice by Steven Kroll to all members whose dues were current. Finally, we wrapped up our meeting with a tour of the Hagen Ranch Road library, which has only been open for about 4 months. Branch Manager Karen Spano graciously walked us through this marvelous, state-of-the-art building and pointed out the many new and improved modes of library operation present therein.

We ended our meeting at 2:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted by
Etta D. Gold

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