Monday, January 12, 2009

Valuing Libraries Workshop

SFAJL's "Valuing Libraries" workshop on January 8 was very successful! We had 36 people in attendance, SFAJL members as well as many other librarians from the community at large. Our speaker, Joanne Roukens, was funny, down-to-earth, and incredibly well-organized! She provided us with a multitude of handouts, lists of further resources, and step-by-step instructions on articulating the value of our libraries. Links to the handouts are below - please feel free to reproduce and share.



"Valuing Your Services" Powerpoint presentation - this Powerpoint will walk you through the first half of the workshop. It includes live links to many additional resources.

Workbook, Part 1 "Valuing Your Services"
- This is a Word document. You can fill in the blanks with info about your own library.

Neptune Public Library Example

Niceville Library Sample Value Sheet

Fill-in Worksheet for Your Library - in Excel

Resource List, Part 1 - with links

PART 2 of the workshop is MAKING YOUR CASE

"Making Your Case" Powerpoint presentation

Workbook, Part 2 "Making Your Case"
- a Word document for you to fill in

Strategy for Communication document - a Word document, fill in the blanks with your specifics

Resource List, Part 2 - with links

"Dear Mayor" Impact Letter Example

If you have questions or comments, please contact our instructor, Joanne Roukens, at

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