Thursday, April 16, 2009

Brauser Maimonides Academy’s New Library

Article written by SFAJL member Elayna Weisel

Brauser Maimonides Academy, a modern Orthodox Day School, dedicated its new library on March 22nd. Located on 40th Avenue in Hollywood, BMA serves children from 18 months old through 8th grade, and the school is completing the third phase in its building plan. The library is now housed in the newest building, in a spacious, beautifully designed space that allows for a storytelling area with bookshelves, comfortable rugs and couches for younger children, and a research and study area for older children complete with computers and work areas.

The library’s collection is substantial, with picture books, fiction and non-fiction in both secular and Judaic subjects. New librarian, Sara Schandelson, a longtime SFAJL member, brings to the school many years of experience as a children’s librarian along with warmth, enthusiasm and a passion for books that will delight both students and teachers.

Rabbi Skurowitz, BMA Head of School comments, "The library is the heart of the school. I can't wait until it's all set up and in full use - library classes for Early Childhood through 8th grade, upper Elementary and Middle School students coming in to do independent research, enrichment groups in English and Hebrew reading in the learning center area, teachers using the teacher resource room, and staff and Board meetings utilizing the SmartBoard."

Younger students have already begun to search for their favorite books, and middle-schoolers are eager to begin working on their research projects. Teachers, students and parents have dreamed about a new library for many years, yet the reality of this large, welcoming library outshines even the most vivid imaginings.

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