Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Torah Aura Webinars

Torah Aura, publisher of Jewish educational materials, now offers free webinars for educators! A webinar is a seminar offered live via Internet. Because a webinar is live, teacher and students can interact, just as in a regular classroom situation. However, webinars are recorded and can be viewed later (non-interactively) by those for whom the scheduled webinar time is not convenient.

Torah Aura's webinars expand upon the company's printed materials, talking about ways to use various titles and also furthering the discussion on each book's topic. Webinars currently listed on the Torah Aura site address issues such as prayer, lifecycle, Israel, and Jewish heroes.

Torah Aura explains how easy it is to partipate:
Basically, you just need any Mac or PC that is connected to a high-speed (not dial-up) internet connection. In order to hear the presentation, you’ll also need computer speakers (or you can listen to the audio over a plain-old phone connection, like dialing into a conference call). You can ask questions by simply typing them in (kind of like typing in a chat room or instant message), or you can ask via audio using a microphone connected to your computer or your phone handset. In a nutshell: as long as your computer isn’t totally ancient, and as long as you have an internet connection that’s faster than dial-up, you’re good to go.
To learn more or to sign up for a webinar, visit http://tapbb.wordpress.com/2009/07/09/torah-aura-professional-development-webinars/.

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