Wednesday, December 08, 2010

December 2010 Chapter Meeting

Meeting held December 7, 2010 at B'nai Torah Congregation, Boca Raton.

Present: Rita Cimbal, Lorelei Ennis, Heidi Estrin, Jerry Glantz, Bea Gold, Judith Jagoda, Sue Kirshner, Meta Lee, Debbie Ring, Arlene Ritholtz, Rabbi Tobias Rothenberg, Walter Spielman, Sheila Trossman, Ruth Weiner, Lee Wixman

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm by our host, Sue Kirshner, after a very lovely lunch provided by B'nai Torah. Sue introduced us to the history of her library.

Library Snapshot Day:

Sue, Heidi, and Lorelei participated in AJL's Library Snapshot Day, and they discussed how the program went at their libraries. Heidi gave some background on the program and handed out copies of the press release (which can also be found on the chapter's website at Heidi encouraged everyone, whether they participated or not, to use the results to promote Jewish libraries to "the powers that be."


Sue asked the members to discuss their publicity efforts. Her own example was how she used the library's 10th annivarsary for promotion. The library committee got an aliyah during services, they got an article in the temple bulletin, and they got a commemorative plaque which they hung, not in the library, but in the hallway where more people would see it. She also noted that many classes use the library as meeting space.

Walter said that at Anshei Shalom, they named their library after a major donor and did a special presentation in that person's honor at services. They also sit in on meetings of Sisterhood, Men's Club, and other committees in order to talk about the library.

Lorelei said that at Dor Dorim they display books on upcoming holidays or curriculum themes, to help the teachers find books to check out. They also write book reviews for the temple bulletin.

Rita said that at B'nai Torah they've established a Frequent Readers program for adults, and they give certificates to top readers. This friendly competition inspires lots of reading. They also promote the library to new members.

Jerry Glantz reported that he is at the final stage of writing his novel, a thriller about a terrorist who learns that he's not Muslim after all. He will be happy to do presentations at AJL libraries once it's done.

Book sales:

Sue asked if/how various libraries hold book sales. Walter said that his library has a table at the temple's holiday bazaar. Sue has a used book sale table during the school's book fair. They both agreed that holding a book sale during some other large temple event brings more traffic and more shoppers. Heidi discussed the idea of setting up a low-key ongoing used book sale in a corner of the library or in some higher-traffic area like a lobby or office.

AJL Business:

Heidi talked about the advantages of membership in the larger organization of AJL, which is separate from membership in our chapter.

Jerry asked how to pay his local membership dues. Dues should be mailed to Treasurer Kathleen Clotfelter. Email her at kass37clo @ to ask for her address.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00pm.

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