Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Re: Minutes for the November 2012 SFAJL Meeting

Meeting Minutes, November 13, 2012
On Tuesday, November 13, 2012, SFAJL met at Temple Dor Dorim in Weston, FL.  Our host 
was Lorelei Ennis.  In attendance were the following librarians and library volunteers:
Heidi Estrin, Etta Gold, Meta Lee, Joanne Jaffe, Debbie Ring, Jackie Fine, Helene Yentis,
Rita Cimbal, Bea Gold, Ruth Weiner, Sue Kirshner, Phyllis Gutmann, Lisa Simberg, Arthur Quinn, Kathleen Clotfelter and Matthew Ransom.
The afternoon began with lunch and a presentation by author Ellen Brazer.  Ellen spoke
about her new book, And So It Was Written.  Following the presentation Lorelei led a
discussion about Jewish Folktales: Stories in the Yiddish/Hassidic tradition.  We particularly
noted life as depicted in East European shtetls.  Debbie Ring gave an enjoyable analysis
of the book, Joseph Had a Little Overcoat, pointing out many little details not usually noticed when
reading the book.
Etta Gold spoke about the coming AJL Conference in Houston, TX in June 2013.
Our membership continued the discussion, begun in September, about how we can increase our numbers at meetings and on our mailing list. Phyllis Gutman volunteered to seek out new members in Palm Beach County and Jackie Fine will cover Miami-Dade County.
At yesterday's meeting, Heidi mentioned the survey being done by national AJL. Gathering statistics from many libraries will help us to get a broad view of what is taking place in Jewish Libraries around the country and the significance of the statistics gathered will highlight the value of Jewish libraries.  Please take a minute to fill out the survey below and send it to
Please fill out this short survey to help AJL! We'll use your answers to write an article highlighting the value of Jewish libraries. If you can send us a photo of your library too, that'd be a big help! (Make sure to get permission from any people in the picture.) 

Send your answers (and any photos) to Danielle Winter, PR Chair, at by the end of November!

1. Please tell us your library's name, location, and size (approx. number of volumes)

2. During a "good" day in your library, about how many people walk through the door?

3. During a "good" day in your library, about how many items are checked out?

4. Tell us some of the best programs offered by your library (i.e. storytimes, discussion groups, author visits, etc. )

5. What do patrons love the most about your library? What do YOU love most about it?

 The next meeting will be held at St. Vincent de Paul Seminary, 10701 S. Military Trail in Boynton Beach, FL.  Kosher lunch will be served.  Our host will be Art Quinn.


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