Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Sun's Special Blessing

At the March 25 SFAJL chapter meeting, member Loreli Ennis told us about a new book written by her cousin, Sandy Wasserman: The Sun's Special Blessing. Below is the information supplied by Sandy about her book:

The Blessing for the Sun - on Pesach, This Year!

Why is this year different from all other years? Because this year, Birkat HaChamah, the blessing for the sun, takes place and falls on the morning of the first seder, April 8, 2009. It's been 28 years since the blessing of the sun; Birkat HaChamah was last recited in 1981.

New York children's author and teacher, Sandy Wasserman, has written a new picture book, The Sun's Special Blessing, just published by Pitspopany Press. The story, for children in grades 2-5, takes place in a classroom, where the children are learning the blessing. Mr. Jacob, their teacher, invites them to share his own 1981 experience with the blessing, when he was their own age. Shovels in hand, they unearth a time capsule from that year, remark about the secular and Jewish objects, learn the blessing and then build, and bury their own 2009 time capsule filled with their own memorabilia and artifacts, so that those who find it in 2037 will know about our lives today.

It's both a Pesach book, and a Birkat HaChamah book!

Contact Sandy Wasserman in New York directly if you wish to order:

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this book is also available on Amazon and through regular disributors

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