Monday, April 27, 2009

JTEC: A Jewish Education Website

Here is an email I received about a new Jewish education website. Check it out!

Dear Colleague,

We are delighted to present to you the MOFET JTEC Jewish Portal of Teacher Education -

The objective of this International Portal is to improve the flow of pedagogical knowledge and research in Jewish education by helping teacher educators, teachers, researchers, and other stakeholders keep abreast of the wealth of publications in the field.

The portal's uniqueness results from the coordinated processes of collecting, filtering, processing and distributing relevant research and non-research papers and other resources on Jewish formal and informal education and teacher education within one integrative clearinghouse using defined categories and key words.

Portal users are invited to make use of the site's online response system to interactively share their knowledge and insights about the portal's contents with other users.

In order to keep updated, we recommend that you register for the periodic MOFET JTEC Portal newsletter, free of charge. Each newsletter is sent directly to your electronic mailbox and contains references to all the new items added to the portal.

If you wish to register simply write your email address under "Free Newsletter" (located top-right in the portal). Click the "Subscribe" button and follow the confirmation request that will be sent to your email mailbox.

At this opportunity, we also invite you to browse through our website and view some of the other activities that take place in this framework.

We welcome you aboard and thank you in advance for spreading the word…

The MOFET JTEC Portal Team

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